Indie game Jamceco Studio
FIve Four Elite
Estimated launch in 2023/24


The client’s proposal was subtle and direct, I need music for a video game of the aggressive deathmatch genre, where rock/metal predominates as the main styles and some electronic additions, state-of-the-art plugins were used to emulate high-gain guitar amplifiers, giving that unique sound, we seek to generate different moods in a single track where you can make loops and go through the different nuances, and an advantage in these cases is knowing how to play the electric guitar and let the metal music come out of our veins. For the drums, one of the GGD P4 galleries was implemented to give it that punch it needs and in the electronics section, some Nexus effects, with respect to the SFX we continue to work according to the client’s specifications.

Soon more material

Indie game (with our team) Memorias
Estimated launch in 2024/25

Point and Click puzzle

The musical proposal seeks to generate the perfect climate for the player to experience different states of mind and sensations typical of a being with «Memorias». For the expansion, realization and optimization, competent virtual instruments in the current market will be used, in order to obtain the desired environment by applying adaptive sound techniques, in which the player will be immersed. The instrumentation for music will be a fusion between digital instruments and abstract sounds. The idea is to give a deep and immersive atmosphere, as well as modern, with influences from film soundtracks.

Regarding the SFX, we are inspired by games like «Sims» where the sounds are expressions and not words, and with the interactions, some are inspired by «foley» and others a mixture of sounds to achieve a high degree of impact on the player.

You can play a demo of the project that gave birth to "Memorias" (Memories remain)

The game has three different endings with moral resolutions. Every stage has part of the story and is in the correct time and situation. The puzzles are kind of forced but not bad at all. (For more information visit the download page).